The Next Step

It’s the first of the year which means most all of us spend some time looking ahead.

During the month of January, we are taking time each Sunday to lay out the vision and direction for this new year. Our theme is “The Next Step.”

All year long we will be talking about taking the next step for us as individuals in our career, our family, our health, our finances, our spiritual walk with God, as well as the next step for us as a church.

We have an exciting year ahead for us as we walk this path. There will be new events and outreach opportunities, our youth ministry is growing and building a new momentum, our Easter Egg Hunt will be bigger than ever, we are partnering with a new church launching in Westerville, and we are planting a new church in Gahanna/Blacklick in September.

CapCity, I can tell you that you don’t want to miss what God is going to do this year through us, through and in you.

This Sunday we will take the next step with “Charge Up” as continue looking at the vision for 2012. Also on Sunday we will have some special guest missionaries from the Zambia!