The Playoffs


That now infamous press conference with coach Jim Mora is forever etched in our brains thanks to a couple of different beer commercials.

It is no secret that I am a big fan of football. The NFL has always been my favorite form of football to watch. From the first time I saw Joe Montana play, I have been an avid 49ers fan. I don’t remember the exact game or even what year it was, probably 1980. I think I was seven. Watching that master of the game direct the offense and thread the defenses with those tight spirals had me hooked. I’ve been watching pro football ever since.

This time of year is bitter sweet for me. The playoffs are exciting and a lot of fun, but it also means that in a few weeks, football will be finished for several months.

This year is, of course, very exciting! With the 49ers finally back in the hunt as legitimate contenders, this playoff season has been a blast. I am greatly looking forward to the game on Sunday against the Giants.

My wife got me a fantastic present for Christmas this year, a throwback Joe Montana jersey. Sweet!

Anyway, my prediction for the games this weekend:


  • Ravens 20
  • Patriots 31


  • Giants 17
  • 49ers 26

As much as I think a Ravens vs. 49ers Superbowl would be and see the Harbaugh brothers coaching against each other again, I don’t think it will happen.

We are holding a Super Bowl party at the church on February 5 at the church. However, Indianapolis is only a couple of hours away, so if someone would like to give me tickets to the big game….. 🙂

My Joe Montana jersey I got for Christmas!
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