Last Sunday we made the switch in our terminology at CapCity Church from “membership” to “partnership”. It would be easy to call it a change in semantics and let it go at that. For us, it is much more.

The word “member” simply means one that belongs to a group or an organization. There is nothing in that definition that is anything negative. But, membership does carry a certain connotation in our society today.

One of the first phrases that pops into our heads when we hear that word is “membership has its privileges.” A great ad campaign obviously. With that, we do think of perks of membership. From credit card programs to frequent flyer and shopping programs to the local gym, each of these is about what we get from being a member. Another entity that uses the term “member” is a country club. Of course, a country club is where a person goes to be pampered and catered to.

“Partner”, however, means one that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest.

In business a partnership implies that each party has a stake in the success of the business because each is vested in that business.

As we move forward as a church, God has incredible things in store for us. It will require that each one do their part and together we will see His purposes fulfilled. We are partners in this together.

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