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I posted a couple of days ago about one of the opportunities I have taken advantage of to get better at presenting God’s Word. It is just part of the strategy I am currently employing to be a better communicator.

The truth is, each one of us should be making an intentional effort to get better at whatever it is we do. Especially in the things we do for God and His glory. He deserves nothing less. We should be motivated by who God is to make sure that everything we do is the absolute best it can be with the talents, resources, and availability that we have. Plus, we need to use every means we can to improve and find ways to be more effective at whatever it is.

I firmly believe that the church should be the place where the best can be found. Want graphic designers? Look to the church. Need video editors, camera operators, etc? Find them in the church. Looking for musicians? They play every Sunday morning at a church. Teachers, parking lot workers, greeters, ushers, children’s workers, tech crew, and so many others who make our churches function.

I know this isn’t reality for the most part, but why can’t it be. Why should the church, the Body of Christ have to settle for less? There are areas that the church does very well. There are others that, well, not so much. We can do better.

The standard is simple – all of our energy doing the absolute best we are able to do. It is what God deserves. It is our worship to Him.

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