Passion Week

Today is Palm Sunday. The day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey to the songs and cheers of a jubilant crowd who thought He was going to drive out Rome and reestablish Israel as a mighty kingdom.

The day marked the start of what we refer to as “Passion Week”. The week that revealed the passion of Jesus as Savior to the world.

Two days after riding into Jerusalem on the colt, Jesus taught His last public messages and told His last parables before dying on the cross.

During this week ;leading up to Easter, I am going to take time each day to look at an aspect of His teaching from three parables taken mostly from Matthew 21-22: The two sons; the tenants; and the wedding banquet. We may also get to some of the other things that Jesus said on this final day of His public ministry.

Each of these parables was highly important to Jesus because of when He taught them. These are final words, the last messages He wanted to say. Each one has something valuable for us to glean.

Feel free to jump in on the conversation as we grow together.

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