There are a lot of people who are searching for their own identity. They search in material things. They search in alcohol: in parties: in drugs: in their job: in abilities: in hobbies: in knowledge: on and on it goes searching here and there. Many of them look like they have everything together on the outside, but they are lost and lonely inside. There are others who are more obviously lost in their search. This is not just for the 18-25 year old going through an identity crisis, there are those of every age group who just simply don’t know who they are. The problem comes in for every person when he/she is not living out the design for which God created them. This leaves a void, a longing. Some bury it, others don’t, but it is there. The only answer is to find identity in Christ.

It is only in Him that each of us finds who we really are. It is only by walking out His purpose that we find the full meaning and significance that we each one need to experience. It is built into our DNA. It is part of our core, our foundation.

The people we encounter every day, very well might be dealing with this at the moment we meet them. We know the One that can show them their identity. It is our responsibility to introduce them.

If you are currently in this search and feel very lost and unsure of who you are, know that your identity can only truly be found in God and His purpose. Once you reach out to Him and let Him do that work in your life, you will be amazed at where He will take you.

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