4 Values of Success

There are so many sources available that claim to have the key to success. There is no shortage of books, seminars, podcasts, webinars, etc promoting ways for you and I to be more successful.

Of course, “success” is somewhat relative based on perception and definition. Is some one that has a 20 year career on the PGA Tour, provides well for his family, but never wins a tournament a success? Is the teacher who gives 30 years of pouring into the lives of students giving her heart to each class that comes through a success even though she drives an old car and lives in a small house?

Or can only the ultra wealthy, the “winners”, or the famous be considered successful?

Most of us would answer that success is not solely defined by net worth or trophies. But, I wonder if it is defined by either of those two at all?

Almost everyone would like to think of their life as a success. In order to live that out, here are four values for success:

1. People

No one who does not value those around them can ever be considered a real success. They might accomplish a great many feats. They may make huge sums of money. Yet, if they do not love those people close to them, or worse yet, do not have anyone close to them, it is all for nothing. Life lived without others is empty. I saw it quoted recently, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Put value in people. Take care of those around you. Watch how fulfilling life becomes.

People whose lives are better, more enriched, who feel loved and important, this is a legacy worth having.

2. Generosity

This doesn’t mean foolishly giving everything away and not providing for one’s family. It does mean holding loosely to things. It means giving what one is able, helping others, and doing so without resentment and with a joy filled heart.

I have met very poor people who were very generous. I have also met very poor who were quite greedy. The same is true for the wealthy. I have seen both ends of the spectrum at both ends of the spectrum.

Generosity is rejoicing in the success and well being of another and mourning in the trials and struggles of others. It is giving of time, talent, money, and self for the good of someone else.

A generous heart is an open heart. It is a free heart. Free from bitterness. Free from resentment. Free from greed. Free from selfishness.

3. Learning

Anyone who stops learning, stops growing. Anything that has stopped growing is dying.

Successful individuals know that everyday is a new opportunity to grow and learn something new. There is a fresh and exciting discovery to be made today.

John Maxwell says, “Leaders are readers.” Most people are just a few books away from the next level in whatever is there field or endeavor. Seminars, mentors, coaches, peers, books, blogs, podcasts, periodicals, these are all great resources to grow and learn. We should be utilizing them to learn and develop.

4. Honesty

It is not just the best policy, it is the only real option for true success. How many leaders, actors, politicians, and athletes have fallen due to a lack of integrity and honesty. Lies eventually catch up and the truth does come out. The person who lives an honest life has a lot less to fear. They don’t have to worry about their past. They don’t have to fear the skeletons in their closet because their are none.

Honesty opens doors. Honesty puts people at ease. Honesty keeps us on a good track.

The temptation to lie, to fudge the truth, to embellish, to exaggerate, to cover up are all very compelling and at times even seem to be the best way to go. These are never the right way to go.

Honesty is simple. It is not always easy. It might even cost us sometimes, but we cannot be a liar and be a true success.

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