Just do it

We all know where that slogan comes from. “Just do it”. It was one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history and ending up defining a corporation.

It’s a good motto. It’s a good one for the church. We spend a lot of time planning, discussing, dreaming, and talking. We also need to spend more time doing. Yes, preparation is a very good thing. However, we can’t allow preparation to consume us and devour our purpose. We prepare and then we do.

No surprise, I played football. I loved playing football. I still love the game, even though my body wouldn’t be able to take the beating any longer. Now I just sit in the easy chair with my jersey on (Joe Montana of course) and watch, cheer, yell, and spout my opinions on what the players and coaches should be doing. 😉

When I played, we practiced and prepared hard. My coach’s philosophy was to almost kill us in practice so we could kill the other team come game time. We put in hours upon days in preparation throughout the year. But there was always a game time. There was always a moment when preparation stopped and we got our “game face” on and then we took the field.

As churches and organizations, we have to “get in the game”. We have to take the field and act. We can’t spend all our time waiting until we are ready. We will always be preparing. Players and coaches all the time say they are ready in pre-game interviews (what else are they going to say?). The truth is, they don’t often feel ready. Coaches almost always want more time to prepare. Players aren’t always ready mentally or even physically come game time, but they have to show up and do it anyway.

We should put in time preparing for our ministry, our purpose, but we also have to go. Along the way we continue to grow and prepare, we make mid-game adjustments, we correct, and we keep going forward. Even when we don’t feel ready, we still must act, we must do.

James 1:22 tells us, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

The Bible tells us to go and tell others about the love of God, to go and show His love in our words, actions, and deeds.

Just do it.

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