The Light

IMG_1535“Jesus is the light of the world.”

The truth is most of us have heard and said this so much it is just a cliché with little meaning or conviction.

The strength of this statement, its profundity cannot actually be quantified.

The world is spiritually in darkness separated from God because of sin and selfishness. Our hearts are dark without Christ. The Bible clearly tells us that no one is good on their own and we all fall short of God, no exceptions. But, with Jesus in our lives we have light and hope and goodness that comes from Him.

Jesus is the light of the world, He is also the light of our hearts.

The great thing about light is it can’t be overcome. Light always wins. You can’t add darkness, you can only take away light. The light of Jesus pierces even the darkest heart. His light cannot be snuffed out. The light of Christ penetrates the darkest dark.

We have the light of the world in us. Light never has reason to fear the dark, because darkness never defeats light.

Let’s use this Christmas season to shine His light from our hearts to those around us.

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