IMG_1483Remember the nervous excitement and energy of Christmas Eve as a kid? So hard to go to sleep; imagination running wild about what will be under the tree and in the stockings in the morning. Anticipation. Expectation.

As adults, it is easy to lose this excitement. I don’t mean about Christmas morning, I mean about everything. Life comes in and schedules and pressures and stresses take away the simple joy of anticipation. We wake up one day and no longer have the optimistic wonder of what’s next, instead it gets replaced with worry, fear, and pessimism.

There are things that are worth getting excited about. There are things that bring us hope. There are moments of life that are worth anticipating: the birth of a child, a friend or family member coming home from war, time with family we haven’t seen in some time, a child’s first experience at something, our first experience at something, and so many more. I’m not ashamed to admit, I still get excited about things. We have a surprise for our girls on Christmas and I am excited about it. I can’t wait until our next adventure as a family. I greatly anticipate taking my girls on their first overseas missions trips.

Life is so much more enjoyable when we live with optimistic anticipation. It is a choice. We choose how we approach each day: with hope or with dread. It is up to you and I individually how we approach life.

God promised in His Word an abundant life, full of Him, full of purpose and meaning, full of a joy that is complete and is our strength. That’s my choice, what’s yours?

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