Better than Excellent

ExcellenceIn a recent conversation with a friend about excellence and the trap it can be, he mentioned that effective should always be our goal and standard.

He’s right.

Excellence does not equate with effectiveness. And, sometimes, what is effective would not measure up to the standard of excellence.

I got caught in the trap of excellence for a time. That constant striving for an elusive standard that is ever changing with the latest trend and technology. This pursuit also takes us down the road of comparison. The game of comparison is always a losing proposition: we end up in pride or misery.

In coming out of that trap I started to redefine excellence as doing the best we can with the resources available to us. I began to realize that there is a line where something is good enough and the next step to make it noticeably better is sometimes too costly in time, people, and resources. Even better than excellence or good enough is effectiveness.

The standard we should use in measuring our lives is not based on what others are doing and how we compare, it should not be some ideal that is out there impossible to reach, it should not lead us to chase after this trend or the latest greatest whatever. No, the standard we need to look at is how effective is it. Does that thing, that project, that program, that initiative, that decision, that __________ take us closer to achieving our stated and projected goals? Is this effort going to be effective in honoring God and touching lives? That is what matters.

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