JackNicholson“You can’t handle the truth!” shouts the angry Marine Colonel Nathan Jessup in the movie A Few Good Men.

That really seems to be the truth way too much of the time. People can’t handle the truth. We deny it, ignore, twist, change it, or just flat lie about it.

We tend to make excuses and justifications to avoid the truth of our roles and involvement. We use terms and vague entities to abdicate our responsibility. We look to outside sources and leave it up to “others” to deal with issues. We fear offending someone or coming across as a lunatic and turn away. We fall in line with the status quo so as not to take the risk associated with confronting falsehoods and lies. We keep quiet hoping that it will all work itself out.

The problem with all of this is it brings very real change, just not very positive change. Humanities refusal of truth is what has us in the predicaments we are in with violence, terrorism, injustice, oppression, division, paranoia, hatred, and a host of other conditions plaguing our world.

When we ignore the truth, lies triumph. When lies triumph, evil reigns.

The truth will set us free according to the Word of God. (John 8:32)

The truth is that Jesus is the Son of God and He came to seek and to save those who are lost in darkness. After His death and resurrection, He commissioned all those who believe in Him to take on the same mission to seek and to save the lost. That is our role as followers of Christ. That is our purpose. That is what we are not doing very well. We too easily get caught up in other things and are missing our purpose.

It’s time to face the truth. It’s time to proclaim the truth (with grace and love, not judgment). It’s time to live the truth.

It is our purpose. It is our calling. It is our responsibility.

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