small__5040198093What’s your purpose? Do you know it?

Too many don’t. Too many people are wandering around just trying to get by; going with the flow.

This aimlessness leads to many negative things in a person’s life. Things like depression, compromise of character, wasted time, lost opportunities, even depression and anxiety.

The reason is simple: each person was designed, created with purpose. When we fail to recognize that purpose, it throws everything else in our life off. That purpose gives us reason, guidance, direction, focus, and something to go toward. Without result, an end, in mind we end up bouncing from here to there and never really get anywhere.

The only place you can find your true and full purpose is in Christ. He is the One who set that purpose in motion. He is the One who knows you best and loves you most. He is the One who designed you and He is the One who makes the way for your purpose to be known and lived.

Seek after Him today and discover your purpose and then pursue it completely!

photo credit: quinn.anya via photopin cc

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