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blessed1We are currently in a sermon series entitled “The Blessed Life” at CapCity. We generally focus on finances about twice a year. We are taking the whole month of February and reading the book “The Blessed Life” and each sermon takes a principle from the book and brings daily Biblical application.

This past Sunday we talked about stewardship. That is not a real modern word that we all relate to well, but the principle is very relevant to our daily lives. Here is an excerpt from my notes:

If you’re going to live the lifestyle of a giver you are going to have to adjust your life to allow you to. Here are some right things that honor God:

  • Get out of debt. – Takes time and you have to start where you are. The first step is to stop borrowing.
  • Never manipulate others. – Don’t use guilt, deception, or anything else to get what you want from others. Be up front and honest.
  • Give. – The first step my wife and I made in working out of our financial troubles was to start tithing. The second was to give to missions.
  • Make a budget, a plan. – We have some people and resources to help you with this.
  • Trust God and walk in obedience to Him.

It’s not about getting rich or gathering possessions, it’s about honoring God. It’s not about money, it’s about the heart.

God honors doing the right thing. God rewards good stewardship.

Too often, we think that living blessed means we are going to have and get. No, it’s about so much more than stuff, possessions, or money. It’s about walking in right relationship with God. When we do, He takes care of us in so many ways.

Just before typing out this post I paid off a bill. Actually, I paid off a car. Let me tell you that is a wonderful feeling. The blessing of God is that when I got the final payoff amount is was $200 less than I expected. Now that isn’t a lot. It isn’t astounding or something that will “Wow!” anyone. But, it is a blessing.

We are able to payoff the car because of God’s goodness in our lives and our faithful obedience to Him.

We aren’t getting a new car to replace it right now. We are paying off the few bills we have left and saving for the next car. Why? Because we want to continue to honor God with our finances and be good stewards of what He has given.

This isn’t about a pat on the back for us, it is an example of how God can bless our obedience and trust in Him. Several years ago, my wife and I weren’t trusting God and being good stewards, which is why we are still paying off debts. But, since we have changed and started honoring God with our finances and trusting Him, we have been able to get on the right track and are getting out of the hole we dug.

When we talk about tithing and money, it comes down to the question of trust. Do we trust God or not? It is that simple.

So as we learn to trust God with everything, including our finances, we find that He does take care of the details in our lives and we begin to understand what it is to live blessed. It means we are content whether we have a little or a lot. It means we are generous with what we have. It means we trust God fully and obey His Word and direction in our lives. It means He blesses every area as our Father.

It does not mean we will become rich. It does not mean that everything will go perfectly and we will have no troubles. In fact, Jesus promised that we will have troubles in this life. But even in the troubles we can be blessed with peace, hope, love, and joy because He is God.

Joshua 24:15 NIV

“But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, … But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”
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