Shoe Shopping

shoeOne night recently while my wife was out of town, one of my daughters informs me that her only pair of tennis shoes has a hole. So after dinner we went shoe shopping. Of course, shoe shopping is a very different experience between males and females. I am aware of this. It is another thing entirely when the female is in middle school. What recently took me 5 minutes when buying myself a new pair of shoes, took 40 minutes of looking at, trying on, going back, and looking some more before deciding. I also realize, it could have taken longer.

There was a time when that would have been beyond aggravating to me. Instead, I chose to make it something else. I chose to engage my daughter by joking with her about some of the shoes there, by laughing when she cracked a joke, by paying attention to her and answering her questions as she tried on various shoes. My other daughter was there and we talked and acted a little silly at moments. They tried on ridiculous height heels. In other words, we enjoyed each other.

It’s not easy to be intentional with how we treat our families and react to situations. The natural is to be selfish and want our way and for things to focus on us. But, the right thing is to be intentional, to take the time, to put forth the effort, to think through and decide how we should respond instead of just reacting based on feelings at the moment.

I fail at this sometimes. We all do.

Our families, our friends, our coworkers need us to be intentional with our lives, our attitudes, and our approach to our relationships each day. By doing so, we can live a life that gives glory to God and that positively impacts the lives of others.



photo credit: Môsieur J. [version 8.0] via photopin cc
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