Never Alone

photoWhen you walk in the front door of our church you see a lit sign with the image to the right and the words “Never Alone”. Of course, the primary meaning is that with God, you are never alone because He is always with you.

There is a second meaning. You are not meant to, nor should you go through life alone. We need people. We need each other.

I am typing this sitting in a Panera restaurant where I spend almost every Thursday morning. Someone asked me why I do that. They thought that it would be distracting for study and sermon prep. I find that I focus better here. One of the reasons is because there are people here. Lots of people. It is a constant stream from various walks of life and across the generations. It reminds me who the message I am preparing is intended to reach. It helps me stay focused on the purpose and the point. It’s because, here I am surrounded by people.

We are meant to live life surrounded by people

More than just in proximity, but truly in relationship with others. Also today, I have had two great conversations with men that I am walking with on a journey. One is a friend and member of the congregation and is looking to me as a sounding board and his pastor. The other is a friend, fellow minister, and mentor in my life. I need both. So do you.

Life gets complicated. Life is uncertain. Life is a wonderful series of discoveries and experiences that should be shared.

If you are walking life alone right now, get up and find someone to walk alongside. Get involved with a small group. Reestablish an old friendship. Build a new friendship. Volunteer. Become a mentor. Reach out to someone you can help. Reach out to someone who can help you.

It truly is better to live life never alone.

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