Pushing Through

medium_4103140080One of the hardest things in life that all of us deal with is doing something when we don’t feel like it. Our feelings and emotions are powerful! They rule our minds and our lives if we let them.

Here’s the thing though: our feelings and emotions often deceive us.

Feelings convince us that we are better off not doing something, that we should just stay seated, hold back, be lazy, hit snooze. We become convinced that it doesn’t matter right now, we can always do that thing later. The reality is, we rarely do so later, and if we do, when we didn’t was still a missed opportunity.

At least 9 times out of 10, when I push through and do whatever it is that I needed to but didn’t feel like doing, I end up feeling pretty good that I did it.

Whether it is exercise, kindness, work, finishing a project, homework, writing, apologizing, or any one of thousands of other things, we all have times when we need to push through our feelings of the moment and follow-through. Get up and do it.

What separates good from average and extraordinary from ordinary is the will to do. Everyone struggles with feelings in the moment. The great ones, the successful ones have taught themselves to overcome those feelings and do what needs to be done. It’s not talent or intelligence or looks or skill that guarantees success and fulfillment, it is follow-through. The ability to push through and do is what will make the difference in your life and get you from where you are to where you could be. Push through is the key to unlocking your potential every day.

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  1. Love your post. What separates unsuccessful from succussful is the successful do those important things whether they feel like it or not.

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