The Gym, Coffee Shop, & Theater

Yesterday was the last day of spring break for my daughters. Overall it was very low key this year as my wife’s work schedule and my schedule didn’t allow for family travel. Mondays are my normal day off and after a conference call and some lazy time I spent the afternoon with my girls.

We went to the gym first and had a good workout. Our family is slowly getting into shape together and it is becoming a bigger part of our lives.

On the way home, I stopped at their favorite coffee shop to get them each a frozen drink they like. Then they chose to go see a movie. We ended up being one of only two families in the theater. As we laughed and enjoyed the movie, I had one daughter on each side of me leaning against my shoulder.

Completely spontaneous. Very low key. Just time spent together. A great afternoon!

Where we went and what we did was of little significance. The fact that we did them together is priceless. There is no substitute for quality time together with our family. Especially our children. They need our time. They need our touch, our encouragement, our attention.

We all have other things we could do, but none of those match the return for the time invested in our children.

Whether it is the gym, the coffee shop, the theater, the park, the mall, the yard, or the living room turn off the rest of the world once in a while and give your attention to your children to let them know their value. Laugh. Talk. Listen. Sing. Dance. Play. Your children need it. So do you.

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