Why wait?

As many know, it has been a nearly lifelong dream of mine to go skydiving. Last Friday, I took the plunge, literally.

It was amazing!

I woke up at 5 am and was on the road by 6 for the almost 2 hour drive.

It was a beautiful morning with a spectacular sunrise.

I arrived at the small airport in Middletown, Ohio and started filling out the paper work.

After several hours of classroom training and some ground level drills to prepare for the jump, I was told I was ready to go as soon as the wind was right and it was my turn.

About 4 hours later, I put on the jumpsuit, the parachute, went through another round of drills, and climbed aboard the airplane.

When we reached 13,500 feet, we took our position at the door and stepped out. It took about 45 seconds to freefall 8,000 feet. I pulled my chute and floated peacefully the final 5,500 feet in about 5 minutes.

Yes, I want to go again.

Throughout the day I was asked by various people why I was skydiving. Most were curious if I was going for my license. I usually responded that it was something I had always wanted to do or that I just turned 40 and this was a present to myself or some such.

In one of the conversations I said it was a “bucket list” item and I wanted to fulfill it now.

His response was, “You’re too young to have a bucket list, that’s for later.”

I didn’t argue with him because I liked being told I was “too young” for something. (A by-product of turning 40 I believe…)

Anyway, I was thinking about his response and He is wrong. You are never too young for a bucket list. In fact, we should all have a set of goals we want to accomplish before our time in this life is through. How can we get where we are going if we haven’t set a destination? In fact, we can’t really begin unless we have the end in mind.

Why wait until later to do things that matter? In fact, if you wait, you might miss the opportunity. You are never too young to do something amazing! Never too young to make a difference. Never too young to influence others. Never too young to make a memory. Never too young to go all in and take a risk. You can wait too long and be too old for some things, however.

As for me, I intend to keep building on my bucket list and looking for opportunities to check items off. I intend to live intentionally and make great memories with my family and friends. I intend to live a life of significance to make as much difference as I can.

What will you do?


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