What are we growing?

Help-UpSome time back I heard Jud Willhite make this comment: “There is a difference between growing church and growing people.”

I think we lose sight of that sometimes. Well, I have at least.

God never called me or anyone else to grow a church. In fact, He clearly said that He will build the church. He called us to make disciples and teach; in other words, grow people.

I still get asked often how many attend our church or how big it is. However, I have stopped asking others. I would rather hear the stories of life change. It is more important what God is speaking to the leader than how many he or she can claim heard their words.

I am not anti-growth. I am not against numbers or counting. Those are important. We need to measure and track. Every number represents a person. We just can’t lose sight of the purpose. The person is the purpose.

Jesus cared for every single individual that stood in front of Him. He gave His attention to people. He added value to those He could every chance He could.

I actually think growth of the organization is a by-product of growth of the person. If we add value and help each person to grow in their walk with God and His purpose for them, we will see more coming along ready for the same.

Momentum isn’t complicated, it’s just hard. It takes energy, effort, hard work, patience, and time. No secret formulas. No magic programs. No latest book. The simple work of what God called us to do:

  • Prayer
  • Study
  • Preach
  • Add Value
  • Grow People

Yes, we need to continually learn and can learn much from others. Systems and programs are necessary. Processes and procedures bring clarity. Methods and delivery need constant updating and improving. But, at the end of the day He will build His church.

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