Failure is an option

Let’s be honest, we live in a risk-adverse society. Everything around us is designed to reduce the risks of something. We have safety everything and create new rules and laws in reaction to anything perceived dangerous

This is not a bad thing. Countless lives have been saved by our increased innovations in safety.

However, we have come to the point where we want to always have a a back-up, a safety net, a guarantee of some kind.

Too often, the right thing isn’t done. the right decision isn’t made, the right path not taken, the opportunity missed because someone want assurance first. Assurance that failure wasn’t an option.

Failure is always an option and if it is not, the extraordinary cannot be accomplished. We need some healthy fear that this “thing” might fail. Truth is, if failure is not an option, whatever it is we are attempting is not big enough. And, there is little opportunity for growth or learning if failure is not an option.

We need the fear of failure, but do not need to cower in fear to failure. The fear of failure makes us better and causes us to work hard. It’s a healthy pressure. Being afraid to fail causes us to not take risks. It keeps us from doing anything great.

Greatness is only achieved when obstacles are overcome, when fear is conquered, when risk leads to reward.

Failure needs to be an option. We must be aware of it and see it, but we must move forward and attempt the great anyway.

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