Gays & God Part 3

One of the central issues in the discussion of Gays & God is whether or not a person is born gay. This came up briefly at the forum and is consistently part of the discussion.

According to the media and general thought among society is that people are born gay, created that way from the beginning. There is much anecdotal evidence and lots of opinion on this. Scientifically it is a bit more unclear. Study after study has been done regarding the genetic make-up of a person and what is determined before birth according to DNA. Outside of physical characteristics, the findings are less than conclusive one most any area studied including this one. There are scientists and researchers on both sides with studies and findings to back up their position.

The conservative, evangelical church generally holds the position that people are born into sin and must choose to live right or not. This idea basically states people are not born gay, but choose to be gay. The same would be stated for any other sin that would be mentioned. However, this position does leave questions open and even has gaps in it at times. For instance, if all sin is a choice, why do we see people choosing sin that there is no environmental stimuli or direction toward? Why would someone choose a lifestyle or path that they had no exposure to or example of?

The other side leaves questions as well. If a person is born with a predetermined lifestyle, where does choice play in? What about free-will? Also, if it is genetic, why do we not see more patterns among families? Are these things anomalies only? What about the sporadic pattern of history with the rise and fall of the percentage of population following these things? Finally, why is there so much evidence in research regarding culture, influence, and environment when finding patterns among lifestyles people choose?

Neither side has hard answers to it all. It is easy to say, “a person is born _______” and therefore it is right for them. It is also easy to say, “each person chooses their lifestyle” and is not born predetermined.

As children grow and personality is revealed, we see tendencies that cannot be explained away externally. Among twins and other siblings we see drastically differing choices being made which either side could use as evidence of their viewpoint.

Like so many things, the truth is somewhere in between.

People are born with predispositions. All people are born into sin. Selfishness is exhibited at the earliest age. It is not something that is taught or based on environmental stimuli.

We believe that everyone born is born in need of the salvation of Christ. We do believe that God is just and there is an age of accountability where that person must choose Jesus as their savior in order to receive the gift of eternal life with Him. That is another whole series of posts in itself.

Prior to accepting Jesus as savior and repenting of sin, each person is living a life apart from God, whether gay or straight. 2 Corinthians 5:17 states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” We call it rebirth or regeneration to describe the moment spiritually.

It is a complicated issue, but some people are born with certain tendencies over others. Because of the fall of mankind when Adam and Eve sinned, not all of those tendencies are benign. We all have sinful inclinations. We all need a savior.

I do believe people are born with the tendency toward same-sex attraction, just like any other preference or tendency we may have. Like anything else, that then becomes a choice for that person whether or not they are going to live that out. However, when we except Christ we are spiritually new and He changes our life and puts us on a new path.

I understand my opinion is not popular and quite frankly could make people on both sides upset.