My Wife is an Author!

CoverWebMany of you are aware that my wife recently published her first book. For those that weren’t aware, you are now. She has worked on this book for a few years and we finally “got it to press” (digitally speaking, that is) near the beginning of January. Go to her webpage by clicking the photo in this post and read an excerpt from the first chapter and then order you copy for the Amazon Kindle, Kindle app for iOS or Android, or Barnes & Noble Nook. Here’s a description of the book…

Carli Andrews has been dealt a hard life, starting at the innocent age of six. Her bad choices as an adult lead her to more heartaches and disappointments.  Barely escaping from her abusive boyfriend, she meets a young pastor and his wife who become not only her refuge, but show her that people do care and love one another.  As she struggles to adjust to this new life, she decides to return home to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, to her estranged parents. The last thing she expects is to meet another young pastor who seems determined to break down her walls.

Sean Bradley is a young pastor and widower who is ready for a change of scenery, and to escape the constant memories of his late wife. Moving to Emerald Isle, North Carolina to start a new church seems like the perfect opportunity for Sean. As he settles into this new town, he is pleasantly surprised when he meets Carli Andrews, a beautiful young woman, who is determined to avoid him. Will Sean’s own determination to get to know this intriguing woman win her over? Or will Carli’s insecurities and resistance discourage Sean from pursuing her?

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