How could God let them die?

Salt Lick 3 332“How could God let this happen?”

“How could God let my (mom/dad/brother/sister/child) die?”

“If God loved me, He wouldn’t have let that happen…”

On and on the questions and statements go when someone is going through a difficult situation. These are normal and expected and understandable.

One of the things we often miss in our reading of the Bible and looking at Jesus’ life is that He went through this also. Joseph died in the time between when Jesus was age 12 and age 30. The earthly, adopted father of Jesus died. We don’t know how and we don’t know exactly when, but we know it happened and we know that God could have stopped it. Jesus could have healed His father, but did not. God let Joseph die.

Jesus suffered loss. He grieved. He walked the journey with his mom and brothers and sisters at the death of Joseph. Jesus truly experienced life just as we do. Every aspect of life, just like us: the pain, the hurt, the grief, the confusion, the brevity, the fragility, all of it, as well as the good. He did that for you.

Jesus didn’t need to go through any of that for His own sake at all. He did that, He suffered, because you and I needed Him to. We need Jesus to have lived out the pain of life so that we could know that He does care, He does know, He does love us.

It is essential to the redemption story that Jesus lived out every step of the human existence from birth to death. He took no short cuts, He skipped no steps. He lived out each day, even the painful ones.

It’s ok when the questions come. It’s alright to have confusion and feel the pain. We just have to remember that God does care. He does love. He does know. He went through it also.

God loves you more than you could even comprehend. In the moments when life is most difficult is when God is right there to offer His love and comfort.

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