Positivity (Leadership Essentials)

positivityThe leader sets the tone.

Ever been around a negative person? It’s not much fun. It is tiring and annoying. A negative organization is worse.

When an organization or group turns negative, they are on the sliding track downward toward non-existence. Simply put, negative doesn’t grow in the long-term. It wears people out and it removes hope.

The fastest growing and most appealing organizations, churches, companies, groups are those that offer hope and dreams; the ones with positivity being exampled by the leader.

I am not talking about false optimism or denying facts. Positivity doesn’t mean we ignore realities. If things aren’t going well, they need to be addressed and changed. The most effective way to do this is from a positive outlook. When we give people hope, we give them everything they need to succeed, everything they need to move forward to a brighter tomorrow. That should be the goal of any organization or company. The improvement of people’s lives and outlooks, the growing on the individual, the investment in the person is by far a higher purpose than profits, accolades, or efficiency.

A leader who gives people something to look forward to, a belief that they can do great things and overcome big obstacles, is one that people want to follow. Positivity is a better motivator than fear or negativity. It’s not as fast a motivator, but it is a superior one. People often respond quicker to fear motivation and negative stimulation, but they are not sustainable and do not actually lead to a better culture or direction for an organization, company, church, or family.

People want to be inspired. They want to be a part of something that matters, something purposeful. It’s why some with high earning potential give up the money to live in a third world country helping people. They have been inspired to change someone’s tomorrow. They were given a hope, a look into a positive possibility. Now, they are giving their life to that cause. The doctor who gave up the lucrative American practice to work in a clinic in the Amazon. The engineer who said “no” to the office in the highrise to build clean water wells in western Africa. The lawyer who lives below her means so she can donate a significant portion of her income to needy and starving children. On and on the list goes. People inspired to give hope to others because they were given a vision of hope and life.

A leader that can inspire people to greatness is the one that sees a hope filled future.

The leader sets the tone. A negative leader will cause the whole to lean toward the negative and will make defensive decisions and reactionary moves. A positive leader will inspire the whole to do great things, push the envelope beyond what is known and thought possible. The positive leader will make purpose-filled decisions and respond to challenges with gusto and a can-do attitude. The whole organization will thrive.

When we look at organizations, churches, businesses that are vibrant and out in front, you will often find a leader at the helm that inspires people with hope and positivity. You will rarely find a leader that uses fear and negativity to guide, and when you do, just wait wait, that organization won’t remain vibrant long.

Positivity is an essential of leadership.

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