Here’s Why….

blue_horiz_notag_largeSo often we get caught up in what we are doing that we don’t stop and ask “Why?”

Why do we do it that way? Why are we doing that thing at all? Why are we structured this way? I could go on for sure.

We all know the propensity of a young child to ask the question “Why?” While that can get old quick, it is also a great characteristic that instead of learning to focus, we learn to stop asking altogether.

Lately, I have been coming back to this question of why. As we have gone through some significant transition, the answer to this question is obviously important. It is always vitally important, but not always obvious.

So I am going to take time here on this blog over the next while to present why we do what we do here at CapCity. Some of what I post will be specific to us and our context. Some of it will have farther reaching affect. All of it will be based in the vision and direction I believe God has given me as I lead in this context.

My hope is that you enjoy the ride and, maybe, we can grow and learn more about God’s purpose together.

Let me start with the big “Why?” This is what everything comes down to. It is our mission, it is our purpose, it is written in large letters on the wall of our sanctuary. We exist…

…to know Christ and make Him known…

Everything we do, every decision, every initiative, every program must start right there. It all must work toward that end.

MinistryMapAll of this is accomplished in four steps:

  1. Plug In
  2. Charge Up
  3. Live Out
  4. Pass On

Here is an at-a-glance look at the vision of Capital City Church.

VISION: to be a place where the unchurched and dechurched of our community can experience life change

STRATEGY: to create spaces where people are inspired to walk a relational journey with God, build community with others, and reach those across the street and around the world


  • Introduce people to Jesus
  • Growth in Christ
  • Build relationships
  • Strengthen families
  • Release people into ministry

CORE VALUES: Generosity, Compassion, Unity, Truth, Missions

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