Here’s Why… Charge Up

Charge Up SmallIn our pursuit to know Christ and make Him known, we are aware that knowing Christ is a life-long process of growth. It takes more than one message/sermon a week to accomplish this.

The main responsibility for a person growing in their relationship with Christ lies with them. We are each called to get to know Jesus for ourselves. This is a daily process that we grow in throughout our journey in this life.

The responsibility of the church is to provide opportunity and equipping that leads people into the ability walk a daily journey with Christ in the fullness of relationship and purpose. As highlighted in a previous article (here) that is one of the goals and functions of Sunday mornings. In addition to Sunday morning, we also offer throughout the week small group opportunities.

These small groups are designed and purposed with some specific goals:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of God through His Word.
  • Provide opportunity to invite friends and family to a non-church service environment to connect with God and God’s people.
  • Build community.
  • Provide for the care of people. Those in each small group share life through the good times and the challenging times.

It is our desire that every person at CapCity be involved in one of our small groups.

Just like our phones and tablets must be connected to an outlet to remain charged, we need to stay connected with God to remain “charged.” One of the most effective ways to do this is through a small group. We were not created to live life alone. From the very first account of creation we see the need for relationship. Throughout scripture we see God working among people in community with one another. The very model Jesus gave us for discipleship was Him sharing life with His disciples. Finally, we see that the original church in the first century started as groups of people coming together to grow in Christ in community and mission.

When we come together to grow with one another, we all become better. It gives us the opportunity to build off the synergy of the whole… to learn… to teach… to experience…

Sunday morning is when we Plug In. It is the first step. Next we Charge Up by growing with others in a small group.


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