In the dark

It’s been an interesting week around the office here for one simple reason… the power has gone out twice.

The first time was related to a problem on a pole down the street. I don’t know what caused it, but it took out power for several homes and businesses here near the church including stoplights on at least four intersections. That was on Tuesday morning. The second one happened Wednesday afternoon due to a problem with a supply line into the building. This required the power company to dig a hole in our parking lot to fix.

Both times the outage occurred, I was working in my office when suddenly everything went dark. I have no windows in my office and work on a laptop. The glowing laptop screen was the only thing that kept me from being left in full darkness.

While, I was able to keep working from the battery on my laptop, I didn’t have internet connection, so I left to go home where I would have power and internet. As I was driving down the street, I saw people from other offices and businesses in the area outside trying to see what was going on.

When the power goes out, productivity screeches to a halt. We live in a connected world fueled by electricity. without a strong flowing connection, we are stuck. We are lost.

Spiritually, it’s the same way. If we aren’t connected to our source of power, we are stuck. We are lost. Our connection to God is vital to everything in our life.

Like a battery powered device, we seem to be fine on our own, disconnected for some time. Eventually, the battery runs down and connection to a source of power is needed to continue.

Without constant power from our Source, our Creator, we cannot function the way we were created. Without ongoing connection with God, we are in the dark. We are lost.

This isn’t just about being productive for God. This is about being connected with God and living the fullness of life and relationship that He desires and created us to live.

Maintain your connection with your Source and discover the joy and energy that comes only from Him.

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