Diversity of Leaders

Humanity is wonderfully diverse, and not just in the obvious racial and ethnic ways. Humanity is diverse is the way we each approach life and live out purpose and meaning. This is an incredible and beautiful thing.

Leadership is the same way. Leaders are quite diverse. Yet, often we read leadership books or attend seminars and it comes across as one-size-fits-all kind of thing. It is not.

Some leaders make us think, some lead us to new places, some motivate us to do more, some instill purpose, some teach us, some inspire us, some create, some bring growth, all add value.

Some types of leaders are…

  • …pioneers – those that lead the way into new and uncharted territory
  • …pilots – those that help us get from here to there
  • …visionaries – those that see what others don’t
  • …creators – those that¬†make new things and new ways of doing
  • …managers – those that help teams accomplish stated goals
  • …coaches – those that help teams and individuals do more
  • …teachers – those that show how and lead to betterment
  • …connectors – those that bring people together to create synergy
  • …motivators – those that rally people to a cause and create movement

Over the next few weeks, I am going to write out a series of posts exploring these 9 types of leaders more in depth.

One of the things that would make a huge and positive impact on our society would be to celebrate the wonderful diversity that exists in life and this includes among leaders. Unity does not mean conformity or likeness. Unity means agreement in purpose. The best unity is when we come together with others and share ideas and each uses their unique insight and perspective to make the whole better.