It’s Not Too Late

Regret. Missed opportunities. Mistakes. Harsh words. Heartbreak. Lost relationships. Unexpected endings. Deals gone bad. Arguments.

These are all things that can keep us up at night. They are all things that can leave us feeling alone and dejected, like we are a failure. There are times that we are left feeling like it is too late. We blew it.

Here’s the thing…

It’s NOT too late!

It is true that some opportunities have come and gone and some relationships won’t come back. However, it’s not too late for you.

You can recover. You can move on. You can do work that matters. You can start that business. You can make a difference.

We so easily get caught in the trap thinking that it’s too late for us. We’ll see someone younger that has done some big thing and get discouraged because we haven’t done anything that big. Yet, for everyone of those, there are a million who haven’t done what you have.

You see, the comparison game is always a losing venture. When we compare ourselves to others, we miss the value of our uniqueness. We also devalue things we shouldn’t and we over value other things that don’t matter.

It’s not too late.

Colonel Harland Sanders had a number of start and stop careers and businesses before opening his first franchise location of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the young age of 62. In fact, he owned a service station and started making chicken for travelers at the age of 40. At age 65, he sold the original location in North Corbin, KY and was left with just his savings and $105 a month from social security. He decided to focus on franchising and at 72 he sold KFC for $2 million. (1)

Vera Wang didn’t start designing clothing professionally until the age of 39.

At 50, Leo Goodwin started GEICO and didn’t make a profit for 4 years. He was 62 when the company went public.

There are countless other stories of people who made a difference at an age older than is often thought.

It’s not too late.

However, none of that matters as much as what you will do. It’s your uniqueness that is going to make a real difference to those around you in your context. This is only true IF you actually take action.

That’s the thing: potential is not enough. Everyone has nearly unlimited potential. Most are aware of this fact, at least on a surface level. So many, however, don’t actually believe THEY have the potential. There is a difference between knowledge and belief. Belief brings change. A lot of people operate in knowledge and never move into belief.

When we believe we have the potential, we are more likely to take the next step into action. Without action, ideas, thoughts, even potential are useless. The greatest idea never realized might as well not exist.

It’s not too late. It’s time to act. Time to put that thing into motion.

Whatever it is that you have been waiting on, that idea, that new initiative, that change, that new business, that fresh start: it’s not too late. So take a step and begin to make it happen. Get it going and get it out there. It is the only way.

The longer you wait worried that it’s too late, the closer you get to it actually becoming too late. You are still breathing. It is there in your heart and your mind. Now, do it. Take the risk. Watch the world change.





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