Upcoming Content

Several days ago, I asked on Social Media for input on possible future content ideas for this blog on leadership. The response was great! So many ideas and thoughts and questions came in. I will take time and start developing these and putting the content together. We will start right off and every week hit a different one.

Here are some of the upcoming topics and issues that will be addressed:

  • Consistent words and actions – and how to deal with leadership that is inconsistent
  • How to say no with grace
  • Compassion vs. Niceness
  • Belief vs. Knowledge
  • Taming the inner critic
  • Lead less to lead more
  • Building influence
  • Leadership scars
  • Starting strong
  • Leaving/ending well
  • Making the tough decision
  • Firing yourself
  • Finding the margin
  • Leaders must also be followers
  • Too big to serve, too small to lead
  • EQ-i and leadership
  • Leading vs correcting
  • Staying connected thru feedback and guidance

As you can see, we have plenty of content ideas to jump into. So hang on, this is gonna be fun.

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