Shane & Elena Hart
Shane & Elena Hart

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Since this is the “About” page, let’s start with the basics.

I am the lead pastor of Capital City Church in Columbus, Ohio. My wife, Elena, and I have been here since December 2008. We have two beautiful teenaged daughters, Kiersten and Breanna.

This is my personal blog and can be quite random. I write about a variety of topics including leadership, spiritual life, technology, my personal life, God, and even sports. It is my goal to create conversations and give you, the reader, something to think about.

I definitely don’t have all the answers or consider myself an expert on anything. However, I have picked up on a thing or two and believe that we must be intentional with our lives and share with others what we have learned and gained. Hopefully we can grow and walk this journey of life together.

I typically post once or twice a week on average and invite you to subscribe using the orange button at the top right of the page so you can keep up with the conversation. Feel free to jump in on the comments of each post and share your thoughts.

I do moderate the comments, but only to avoid spam and trolls. I gladly allow comments that disagree with me as long as we remain respectful of each other. That is part of the conversation.


I was adopted shortly after birth. While I was taken in by a wonderful family, I still had to deal with issues of rejection from a father who split before I was born and a mother who gave me up as soon as I was born. It was the grace of God and patience of great people in my life that brought me to realize the blessing my adoption truly was for me.

I was called into the ministry at age 15 and pursued ministry training and opportunities immediately out of high school. After attending Master’s Commission in Phoenix, AZ, I took a position as youth pastor in the Bronx, NY. After working in youth ministry in Kentucky and Illinois, we moved to Youngstown, OH as youth pastor for Highway Tabernacle. We completed 5 years of ministry in Youngstown when we accepted the position as lead pastor of Word of Life in Steubenville, OH. Three years later we answered the call to come to Capital City Church.

I have many hobbies and interests topped by playing golf and photography. Our family is active and enjoys spending time doing things together whether as simple as playing a game or going on an out of town adventure.

You can contact me using Facebook, Twitter, or email.

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