Too Funny

Ran across this photo on the web recently and just had to share it here. Enjoy...

It’s Wednesday

Some call it "hump day" as they look forward to the weekend. A couple of decades ago, the band Loverboy had a song "Working for the Weekend." Every week I read multiple posts and tweets from different people about how…


Let's take this opportunity and make a numerically unique day into a significant day in our circle of influence.

Fun Photography & Print Ads

These are great! Click the link at the bottom to see all 45... softdrink addict The Cola Wars Book Cover Fish Click here to see the full article and list.

Add Value

Every day, in every interaction with another person we have a choice, add value or don't.

Quick Thought

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."Albert EinsteinThe legends surrounding Einstein are vast. Whether or not they are all true has nothing to do with the…