Never Alone

Life gets complicated. Life is uncertain. Life is a wonderful series of discoveries and experiences that should be shared.

Blessed Life

Too often, we think that living blessed means we are going to have and get. No, it's about so much more than stuff, possessions, or money. It's about walking in right relationship with God. When we do, He takes care of us in so many ways.


Each person was designed, created with purpose.


When we ignore the truth, lies triumph. When lies triumph, evil reigns.

12 Days of Christmas

There is nothing wrong at all with presents and decorations and the other aspects of modern Christmas. The wrong happens when those things take over. The stress comes from keeping up with the twelve days of Christmas, each one having to outdo the one before it.

Peace on Earth

What a wonderful concept. How great would it be if we truly could live in peace with one another! How great it would be if we could end war! How amazing if there were an end to violence!


Remember the nervous excitement and energy of Christmas Eve as a kid? So hard to go to sleep; imagination running wild about what will be under the tree and in the stockings in the morning. Anticipation. Expectation. As adults, it…