You might not see yourself as a leader, but you are. You are a leader. Someone is learning from and patterning something in their life after you. Plus humans are the only creature able to lead themselves.

The most challenging person you will ever lead is yourself.

Learn the basics of self-leadership and simple frameworks for Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Conflict Management.

This 4 week class will give you a great foundation for becoming a better leader.

We are in the middle of a round of classes right now. New classes will start in June.

Sign up here for Mondays at 7 pm beginning June 8: https://onedotchurch.churchcenter.com/groups/co-ed-groups/leader-track-1-mondays-in-june

Sign up here for Tuesdays at 8 am beginning June 9: https://onedotchurch.churchcenter.com/groups/co-ed-groups/leader-track-1-tuesdays-in-june

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