The Power of Preparation

When I played football, I had a coach who preached practice to us. He presented practice as a bigger deal and more important than the game itself. The energy he displayed in our practices was off the charts. The ethic paid off come game time. Every victory we experienced was directly due to the effort … Continue reading The Power of Preparation

The Blueprint

I have a background in construction and I have been a part of different groups and organizations at varying levels of leadership. In a recent conversation a thought emerged that combines those experiences in a way that is new to me. This organization is a church that is growing rapidly and needs to do some … Continue reading The Blueprint


Identity is a big deal. Who am I? That is a question we all ask multiple times through  out our lives. Whether we consciously ask it or it is asked in our actions as we search it out, it is true for all of us. Most people when asked who they are will start with … Continue reading Identity

In the dark

It's been an interesting week around the office here for one simple reason... the power has gone out twice. The first time was related to a problem on a pole down the street. I don't know what caused it, but it took out power for several homes and businesses here near the church including stoplights … Continue reading In the dark

3 Ways to Never Fail

Fear of failure is a major fear among people. In fact, Psychology Today claims that most of us experience it.* This seems especially true among leaders and managers. Now fear of failure doesn't rank as high as fear of public speaking on its own, but isn't that part of that fear? The fear that we … Continue reading 3 Ways to Never Fail