When Leadership Isn’t Consistent

Many of us have had the experience of dealing with an inconsistent leader. It is frustrating to say the least. In our last post, we looked at developing consistency in ourselves and organizations. In this post we will look at how to deal with a leader or organization that is inconsistent. Too often we think … Continue reading When Leadership Isn’t Consistent

Innovation or Memory

Ideation. Think outside the box. Paradigm shift. Imagineering. These buzzwords are all supposed to inspire us to think different and do something new. In the church world there are constant attempts at finding the "new thing" that will work to reach people. All indicators show that this is also true in the corporate world. That … Continue reading Innovation or Memory

Change the oil

We have a problem in the church today... we don't like to do normal ordinary maintenance. We like to maintain, but not do the work of maintenance. When I was young, my dad did all of the minor and major work on our automobiles. I spent many hours with him working on one vehicle or … Continue reading Change the oil

Managing Me … Evaluate and Adjust

Stubbornness is not an ethnic trait, it is a human one. To very earliest accounts of humanity, we see stubbornness at play and causing issue after issue. It is true that some of us are especially stubborn. (My wife just shouted "AMEN!") The danger is to confuse stubbornness with determination. I am a firm believer … Continue reading Managing Me … Evaluate and Adjust

Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)

Fear is a powerful motivator. Fear can cause us to do incredible things that we didn't know were possible; both positively and negatively. Fear can also cause us to shrink back and paralyze us into inaction. Fear often is a negative in our lives and something we usually try to avoid. There is, however, a … Continue reading Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)