Checking the Church’s Oil

Just as a neglected car engine will eventually break down and leave you stranded, failure to do regular checks within the church will lead to breakdown and pain. By the time the signs are obvious it is too late. Too often we check the wrong things, attendance, offerings, buildings, events, name recognition, web traffic, Facebook … Continue reading Checking the Church’s Oil

Change the oil

We have a problem in the church today... we don't like to do normal ordinary maintenance. We like to maintain, but not do the work of maintenance. When I was young, my dad did all of the minor and major work on our automobiles. I spent many hours with him working on one vehicle or … Continue reading Change the oil

Managing… Me

I readily admit I can be a hothead. I have a temper. It has gotten me into trouble more than once in my life for sure. I am also a control freak. Trust me, these two attributes do not play well together. When I first started out in ministry over 20 years ago, I had … Continue reading Managing… Me

Here’s Why… Live Out

Have you ever heard it said of a church, "it just wasn't meeting my needs..."? I have. It's been said to me by someone leaving a church I was the pastor. While the pastor and leadership of a church should be servants, there is a problem with the above statement. The church does not exist … Continue reading Here’s Why… Live Out

Here’s Why… Charge Up

In our pursuit to know Christ and make Him known, we are aware¬†that knowing Christ is a life-long process of growth. It takes more than one message/sermon a week to accomplish this. The main responsibility for a person growing in their relationship with Christ lies with them. We are each called to get to know … Continue reading Here’s Why… Charge Up