Here’s Why… Live Out

Have you ever heard it said of a church, "it just wasn't meeting my needs..."? I have. It's been said to me by someone leaving a church I was the pastor. While the pastor and leadership of a church should be servants, there is a problem with the above statement. The church does not exist … Continue reading Here’s Why… Live Out

Why we don’t pray much…

I have gone to church pretty much my entire life. In that time, I have heard thousands of time about the importance of prayer. There are books, podcasts, blogs, websites, songs, and a plethora of other sources telling us that we need to pray. Then there are the church signs, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams, quotes, … Continue reading Why we don’t pray much…

What are we growing?

Some time back I heard Jud Willhite make this comment: "There is a difference between growing church and growing people." I think we lose sight of that sometimes. Well, I have at least. God never called me or anyone else to grow a church. In fact, He clearly said that He will build the church. … Continue reading What are we growing?

Better than Excellent

In a recent conversation with a friend about excellence and the trap it can be, he mentioned that effective should always be our goal and standard. He's right. Excellence does not equate with effectiveness. And, sometimes, what is effective would not measure up to the standard of excellence. I got caught in the trap of … Continue reading Better than Excellent