Setting the tone

One of the things that seems overlooked in leadership teachings, seminars, and books is environment. Not "the" environment as far as nature, climate change, etc. I mean culture, tone, experience, feel, the intangibles of all interactions and what it's like to be involved/around an organization or group. The environment is the responsibility of the leader. … Continue reading Setting the tone

Positivity (Leadership Essentials)

The leader sets the tone. Ever been around a negative person? It's not much fun. It is tiring and annoying. A negative organization is worse. When an organization or group turns negative, they are on the sliding track downward toward non-existence. Simply put, negative doesn't grow in the long-term. It wears people out and it … Continue reading Positivity (Leadership Essentials)

The Lid

John Maxwell speaks and writes about the "Law of the Lid." The basic idea is that we each come to points where we can't go or grow any more the way things are, we have reached the lid. The lid might be there because a leader we serve is limiting us or is him/herself limited … Continue reading The Lid