When Leadership Isn’t Consistent

Many of us have had the experience of dealing with an inconsistent leader. It is frustrating to say the least. In our last post, we looked at developing consistency in ourselves and organizations. In this post we will look at how to deal with a leader or organization that is inconsistent. Too often we think … Continue reading When Leadership Isn’t Consistent

Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)

Fear is a powerful motivator. Fear can cause us to do incredible things that we didn't know were possible; both positively and negatively. Fear can also cause us to shrink back and paralyze us into inaction. Fear often is a negative in our lives and something we usually try to avoid. There is, however, a … Continue reading Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)

Positivity (Leadership Essentials)

The leader sets the tone. Ever been around a negative person? It's not much fun. It is tiring and annoying. A negative organization is worse. When an organization or group turns negative, they are on the sliding track downward toward non-existence. Simply put, negative doesn't grow in the long-term. It wears people out and it … Continue reading Positivity (Leadership Essentials)

Relationships (Leadership Essentials)

We cannot put too much stock in the value of our relationships. It has been said many times in many ways... "Show me your five closest friends today and I will show you your tomorrow." Those that are closest to us have so much influence and affect on who we are becoming and where we … Continue reading Relationships (Leadership Essentials)

Flexibility (Leadership Essentials)

There is an old saying, "Blessed are the flexible, for they will never get bent out of shape." This may or may not be hard to believe, but I like to be in control of my life and the situations I am in. I know, big surprise. As I have grown and aged, I have … Continue reading Flexibility (Leadership Essentials)

Work Ethic (Leadership Essentials)

I was blessed with wonderful grandparents. They were ranchers in Montana and just had a way of saying things. My grandmother would use the term "not very work brittle" for someone who was lazy. Often referring to one of the ranchhands that worked for them. My grandfather had me out working with him whenever we … Continue reading Work Ethic (Leadership Essentials)