Stubborn or Steadfast

We have all heard various statistics bantered about regarding the length of time pastors remain in one position. I've heard everything from the average is 18 months to 4 years. Of course, the length is affected by the definitions and scope applied to any study that produces these statistics. I've also heard the study that … Continue reading Stubborn or Steadfast

Managing Me… Work Hard

I wrote about a good work ethic in the series "Leadership Essentials" and that post fits this subject of this current series. I am reposting that original article with some modifications below. _______________________________________________________ I was blessed with wonderful grandparents. They were ranchers in Montana and just had a way of saying things. My grandmother would … Continue reading Managing Me… Work Hard

Managing Me … Evaluate and Adjust

Stubbornness is not an ethnic trait, it is a human one. To very earliest accounts of humanity, we see stubbornness at play and causing issue after issue. It is true that some of us are especially stubborn. (My wife just shouted "AMEN!") The danger is to confuse stubbornness with determination. I am a firm believer … Continue reading Managing Me … Evaluate and Adjust

Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)

Fear is a powerful motivator. Fear can cause us to do incredible things that we didn't know were possible; both positively and negatively. Fear can also cause us to shrink back and paralyze us into inaction. Fear often is a negative in our lives and something we usually try to avoid. There is, however, a … Continue reading Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)

Insane Courage (Leadership Essentials)

Last year, I crossed a major item off my "bucket list." I went skydiving! Yes, that is me to the right. The video can be seen here. The moment I was hanging on to the side of the plane at 13,000 feet and about to step off was the most thrilling, incredible, tense, freaky, and … Continue reading Insane Courage (Leadership Essentials)