3 Fatal Flaws of Leadership

There are three things that I have seen bring down more than one leader over the years. All leaders have flaws. All leaders have weaknesses. Not all flaws or weaknesses are fatal to leadership. These three, however, are always destructive. 1. Refusal to learn from others Ever heard the expression, "some people just gotta learn … Continue reading 3 Fatal Flaws of Leadership

Managing Me … Never Stop Learning

We will never reach a point in life where we acheive a state of enlightenment that exempts us from continuing to grow. In fact, as long as there is life in us, there is opportunity and responsibility to continue to grow. In nature, when something stops growing, it begins to decay. I have known individuals … Continue reading Managing Me … Never Stop Learning

Here’s Why… Charge Up

In our pursuit to know Christ and make Him known, we are aware¬†that knowing Christ is a life-long process of growth. It takes more than one message/sermon a week to accomplish this. The main responsibility for a person growing in their relationship with Christ lies with them. We are each called to get to know … Continue reading Here’s Why… Charge Up