Stubborn or Steadfast

We have all heard various statistics bantered about regarding the length of time pastors remain in one position. I've heard everything from the average is 18 months to 4 years. Of course, the length is affected by the definitions and scope applied to any study that produces these statistics. I've also heard the study that … Continue reading Stubborn or Steadfast

Managing… Me

I readily admit I can be a hothead. I have a temper. It has gotten me into trouble more than once in my life for sure. I am also a control freak. Trust me, these two attributes do not play well together. When I first started out in ministry over 20 years ago, I had … Continue reading Managing… Me

No one is immune…

Leaders have a huge responsibility: not just in what they lead, but in how they live. 20 years ago, we were led to believe by many in media that what a leader does in private does not matter. However, we have seen over and over again that does not hold true. I just found out … Continue reading No one is immune…

What are we growing?

Some time back I heard Jud Willhite make this comment: "There is a difference between growing church and growing people." I think we lose sight of that sometimes. Well, I have at least. God never called me or anyone else to grow a church. In fact, He clearly said that He will build the church. … Continue reading What are we growing?