Stubborn or Steadfast

We have all heard various statistics bantered about regarding the length of time pastors remain in one position. I've heard everything from the average is 18 months to 4 years. Of course, the length is affected by the definitions and scope applied to any study that produces these statistics. I've also heard the study that … Continue reading Stubborn or Steadfast

Here’s Why… Live Out

Have you ever heard it said of a church, "it just wasn't meeting my needs..."? I have. It's been said to me by someone leaving a church I was the pastor. While the pastor and leadership of a church should be servants, there is a problem with the above statement. The church does not exist … Continue reading Here’s Why… Live Out

The Lid

John Maxwell speaks and writes about the "Law of the Lid." The basic idea is that we each come to points where we can't go or grow any more the way things are, we have reached the lid. The lid might be there because a leader we serve is limiting us or is him/herself limited … Continue reading The Lid