3 Ways to Never Fail

Fear of failure is a major fear among people. In fact, Psychology Today claims that most of us experience it.* This seems especially true among leaders and managers. Now fear of failure doesn't rank as high as fear of public speaking on its own, but isn't that part of that fear? The fear that we … Continue reading 3 Ways to Never Fail

Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)

Fear is a powerful motivator. Fear can cause us to do incredible things that we didn't know were possible; both positively and negatively. Fear can also cause us to shrink back and paralyze us into inaction. Fear often is a negative in our lives and something we usually try to avoid. There is, however, a … Continue reading Healthy Fear (Leadership Essentials)

Failure is an option

Let's be honest, we live in a risk-adverse society. Everything around us is designed to reduce the risks of something. We have safety everything and create new rules and laws in reaction to anything perceived dangerousThis is not a bad thing. Countless lives have been saved by our increased innovations in safety.However, we have come … Continue reading Failure is an option