The Power of Preparation

When I played football, I had a coach who preached practice to us. He presented practice as a bigger deal and more important than the game itself. The energy he displayed in our practices was off the charts. The ethic paid off come game time. Every victory we experienced was directly due to the effort … Continue reading The Power of Preparation

3 Ways to Never Fail

Fear of failure is a major fear among people. In fact, Psychology Today claims that most of us experience it.* This seems especially true among leaders and managers. Now fear of failure doesn't rank as high as fear of public speaking on its own, but isn't that part of that fear? The fear that we … Continue reading 3 Ways to Never Fail


That is quite a headline! One that will draw traffic and get attention for sure. Why? Because we all want to succeed and we would like to do so in as few steps as possible! Before we can get to the ONE thing, there are a couple of things we have to get out of … Continue reading The ONE thing to GUARANTEE your SUCCESS

Managing Me… Work Hard

I wrote about a good work ethic in the series "Leadership Essentials" and that post fits this subject of this current series. I am reposting that original article with some modifications below. _______________________________________________________ I was blessed with wonderful grandparents. They were ranchers in Montana and just had a way of saying things. My grandmother would … Continue reading Managing Me… Work Hard

Managing… Me

I readily admit I can be a hothead. I have a temper. It has gotten me into trouble more than once in my life for sure. I am also a control freak. Trust me, these two attributes do not play well together. When I first started out in ministry over 20 years ago, I had … Continue reading Managing… Me

Positivity (Leadership Essentials)

The leader sets the tone. Ever been around a negative person? It's not much fun. It is tiring and annoying. A negative organization is worse. When an organization or group turns negative, they are on the sliding track downward toward non-existence. Simply put, negative doesn't grow in the long-term. It wears people out and it … Continue reading Positivity (Leadership Essentials)